Monday, December 20, 2010

One down, seven to go.

Last Tuesday, I took my last final and finished my first semester of college. Once there was a time when I hated college with all of my being. I swore I was in the wrong place and had to get through school to get started with the rest of my life. 
Things have changed. Quite a lot actually. 

In the past 4 months, I've learned a lot and really stretched myself out of my comfort zone. I've met some amazing people, cried under a tree and never lived it down, lead a project group, become known by all as the girl in the onesie, consumed a lot of caf pizza and waffles, survived living with a diva, found out what I really want to do with my life, got my nose pierced, rode in a taxi for the first time, have been around more needles and ink than ever before in my life, and become all around more confident. It's hard to remember what I did before I met my friends, and the idea of eating and studying alone or even being alone ever is a really foreign concept anymore. Basically, I went from being the girl that no one knew with the horrible roommate and lack of ambition to being the girl who runs around in a glow in the dark onesie and basically lives in the laundry room. 
I'm actually excited about next semester. After a long process of hitting brick walls, I finally got my room swapped and will be moving to the second floor of my building when I go back in January. I got reassigned to a room that is across the hall from one of my friends and I have heard fabulous things about my new roommate. My classes are going to be really interesting and I have a friend in one of them with me, so that is going to be an adventure. I changed my major from Interpreting to English, and I'm really excited about the things ahead of me now that I'm in a major I'm actually passionate about. I've gotten to a point where I really love school in all aspects, even when the work seems overwhelming. Outside of school, Thailand is getting closer and closer, and I really think it finally hit me how real this trip is. In just a few weeks I should be getting assigned to a blog for my team and getting my first glance at who my teammates are, and it's time to really pick it up with fund raising. I'm so excited to see what happens on this trip and see God work through my team as we minister to the people of Thailand and also to each other. 

One semester is down and there are seven more to go.
Let the adventure begin!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Civil Wars.

If I could sing half as well as Joy Willams, I'd be a very happy camper.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy happy happy.

Things that make me happy:

a. Getting all the classes I wanted for spring 2011. I mean, I don't WANT to take math at 8am, but it works well in my schedule and could be much worse. 


c. Blowing bubbles in chocolate milk.

d. Writing my first draft at 2am, believing it is the worst thing I've ever written, and then in peer review being told that it's really good. 

e. "I played disc golf this weekend. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's basically like walking through the park with purpose," 

f. Paper writing/laundry/registration parties (even if they involve stress over classes, making a schedule for the guy who didn't make it already, having my pixie sized feet mocked, and all that jazz). 

g. Having 200 days until Thailand. Ah!  

Friday, November 5, 2010

The peace to thrive.

So that crappy week I was having? Some of it resolved. My keys turned up, I got to spend time at home with my family and my kittens, I had some really awesome worship time at my home church, I got a new glass container to heat my water in, and changed project groups in Religion.
However, things haven't really looked up. I'm going to be entirely honest and transparent with you right now, because this week has really opened my eyes to a lot of things I never noticed before and has brought about new challenges and hurdles. 

Ever since I've gotten to school and made friends and been so busy with them, I've really let my relationship with God fall behind on my priority list. There is no excuse for this. I know this is part of the reason that I am so easily irritated and frustrated by the things that have been going on lately. Little things happen and instead of running to my Father for comfort, I turn other places and look for answers myself. It's so easy to just say, "Oh, well, I'll read my Bible later. I need to work on this instead," or to put off spending time with Him during the day because I'd rather sit with my friends or get on Facebook. This is NOT okay, and I'm about to kick myself in the butt and take action. 
This week, I've also realized that I have a lot of things in my life that hold me back or warp my vision, and there were things I had never really considered a problem before or even realized where going on. Everything from world views to thought processes I've subconsciously had suddenly became really clear to me and I saw how much of a problem they were. I know that is vague, but it was almost overwhelming to realize this was happening. It's like all of the sudden my vision has been cleared and I see the world in a whole new light. 
Lastly, there has just been a lot of frustrating crap going on in our building. Between hitting brick walls every where I turn with my room situation and dealing with the fabulous maturity of college freshman (Are you familiar with the term grenade? If not, our trusty and always classy friend Urban Dictionary will tell you that it means "A group of ugly, fat, pale, repulsive, and/or slovenly females. The term "grenade" was coined by The Situation The Jersey Shore, on MTV's infamous show," Apparently my friends and I are now given this title. Lovely, right?) things have just been incredibly frustrating. 
So, it's time to refocus. It's time to put my focus back on God and getting back where I need to be with Him. Most days I completely forget about Thailand, which is not a good sign. It's time to get back with Him and back to where I was and beyond. I need to stop stressing over my schedule for next semester or what anyone thinks about me, because I have a wonderful, strong group of girls behind me that I am blessed enough to call my friends. 

It's time to really embrace the phase I'm in right now and start not only see the beautiful parts of life but searching for God's voice in my daily routine and seeking to be with Him more often, because in Him I find the peace I need to not only survive, but to thrive. 

Code Red Intake: 8
Days Until Thailand: 210

Friday, October 29, 2010

Gross nasty verbal vomit of doom.

You know what, sometimes we all are pessimistic. I can't be super optimistic all the time, so I'm just going to lay it out for you right here. The whole truth, complete honesty. 
This has been the worst week of my life. 

Why? Well, let me tell you. 
It's no secret to anyone that my living situation at school is straight from hell. That alone would make one crazy.
I've been working on a research paper, due this Monday, that I cannot pull together for the life of me.
I'm probably not going to get any of the classes I want next semester. 
Despite studying and feeling confident in the material, I'm making a solid D in my Religion class and I don't see any hope of pulling it up. I've never failed anything before in my life. 
I lost my keys. Yes, my keys. They are completely MIA and I have no idea where they are. I cannot get into my dorm, my room, and I lost my car key. If they don't show up by 10PM tonight, I have to pay $30 to have the lock on our door changed. Even though my friends all searched the whole campus for them and two of the guys on the second floor let me "beat them up" so I'd feel better, I still am incredibly upset about this. 
A girl in my ASL class thought it was nice to look me in the face when she heard I changed my major to English and say, "Ew! WHY?! English is like the opposite of ASL. That's really gay," and was not kidding. 
Some people really let me down. Not that I expected any better from them, but it was still really disappointing. 
My glass measuring cup to heat water in fell off of my microwave and shattered into a million pieces. 
Oh, and it has been humid, 70+ degrees, and raining all week. That just added so much to the mix. 

Logically, as soon as English ended today, I got the extra car key from my grandparents and bolted. I drove home blasting music and taking my frustration out by focusing on the road ahead of me. Now I'm locking myself away for the weekend to just recharge and refresh. I'm going to drink tea and cuddle with my kitties and read books and spend a lot of time reading my Bible and go to my own church on Sunday morning. I'm so tired of feeling defeated and broken, and I knew I had hit the ultimate low when I was sitting in my friends room wearing footie pajamas and crying my eyes out in front of everyone. It's time for a fresh start, because if we're being completely honest, this week just sucks

Code Red intake: 7
Days Until Thailand: 217

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My holey nose.

I will have an actual post up soon, because my friend said something to me the other day that I wanted to write about, so be on the look out. But until then, enjoy another typical college story. 

I'm afraid of pain and needles. I've wanted my nose pierced for over a year. People have been saying for ages how cute it would be and how I have the perfect nose to pull it off, but I let my fear of needles rule my life. 
Today, that changed. I walked to the really awesome tattoo place near campus with three of my friends and bravely told the people at the front desk, "I want to get my nose pierced," 
So this afternoon while holding my friend Jessica's hand, I paid a nice man with tattoos and piercings to stick a piece of metal into my nose while listening to metal music. I'm really happy I did it. The guy who did my piercing was hilarious and incredibly nice, talking me through each step and keeping me relaxed. 
Thus, ladies and gentlemen, I give you. . . my nose stud. 

I'm really happy with it. 
And I promise you're getting a real post soon.

Code Red Intake: 6
Days Until Thailand: 223

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Speak with BOLDNESS.

If I could learn to open my mouth without fear of what other people will think or how my words will be taken, I'd be a much happier person. For one, I'd have way less regrets about points I could have made and I would save myself a lot of trouble by not having to glare at the person who gives the answer I was about to give in class. . . if I had only worked up the courage to say it first.
Unfortunately, this crippling struggle to just speak up isn't a plague only in the academic aspect of my life. It's one in all other aspects, though it is one that is improving as of late. It's something I've always had to work at and probably always will, no matter how much it improves. Well, not surprisingly, when our leaders for Romania prayed over us all before the trip this summer, the word that all got for me was boldness. I took that as my first cue to step up and make a difference instead of waiting on boldness to smack me in the face one day and become something I'm super awesome at (like, say, the way I'm awesome at fort building and being ridiculously wordy when writing). 
This week I've really been starting the first preparations for Thailand. I wrote my support letter, got about 20 of them sent out, and starting coming up with fund raising ideas. I've also started praying over the trip, for the team, support, people we'll be working with, and the entire preparation process. Today, while I was praying in the coffee shop near campus, I started to read in Acts 4. 
You know those nifty little headers above parts of Scripture? They like to speak to me. At the end of Acts 4, I came across a section titled "The Believers Pray for Boldness". 

" 'And now, Lord, look upon their threats and grant to your servants to speak your word with BOLDNESS, while you stretch out your hand to heal and signs and wonders are performed through the name of your Holy servant Jesus,'
- Acts 4:29-30 (ESV) 

It doesn't get anymore blunt than that. 
"BOLDNESS" has been added to the Thailand wall on the wall above my bed, where I'm putting verses and words and such things related to the trip, because the thing that will be most required of me during the two months we are there is, in fact, BOLDNESS. BOLDNESS to step out and share, to show Christ's love unconditionally, and to even be going on this trip at all. BOLDNESS in speech, BOLDNESS in acts, and BOLDNESS in faith.
My entire life needs to become the embodiment of BOLDNESS in my actions and beliefs, no longer holding onto expectations or comforts, but walking out the example Christ laid for us all and proclaiming His love for the His children all over the world with BOLDNESS

The change begins now, starting with situations a lot closer to home than Thailand. 

Code Red Intake: 5 (I'm studying hardcore this week)
Days Until Thailand: 233

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kiki love.

Fall Break came and went, and now I'm sitting back in my dorm room unpacking all of my stuff and waiting to see what truckload of stuff my roommate comes back with this time (She always comes back with something big and a lot of little stuff. First it was lamp, then her own refrigerator). I have really learned to love college and the wonderful people that I've gotten involved with, but I miss home. I miss my family and the familiarity. 
But right now, I really miss my kitties. Yes, kitties. 

A few weeks ago my mom and little sisters visited an animal hospital with their Frontier Girls group and saw two kittens there. There were about 3 months old and needed a home. The girl kitten had been brought to the place by its owner right after the litter was born, and they asked them to put the kitten to sleep because she only had one eye. The people at the animal hospital refused to kill her over a harmless missing eye, so they kept her and decided to find a home for her. The boy kitten had been found in a box on the steps of the animal hospital around the same time, and they had no clue where he came from. The girl was black and white with fine, fluffy fur and a the white on her black face resembled a perfect mustache. The boy was a beautiful creamy Siamese with bright blue eyes and brown on his face, eyes, and paws. 
My sisters wanted them. My mom couldn't say no. So I went with them over break to pick the 3 and a half month old kittens up. We named them Naomi and Thomas O'Malley (like in The Aristocats) and I'm completely in love with them. If I could have, I would have brought them back to school with me and kept them forever. 

They are the cutest. Thomas O'Malley fell asleep on my shoulder for over an hour while I was laying on moms bed talking to her, and Naomi crawled up on me this morning while I was sitting in the floor. 
And apparently, Thomas is a big fan of my blog. My mom texted me this picture once I was back at school.

Days Until Thailand: 234
Code Red Intake: 4 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Important studies of a college student.

Since I am in college now,  I do a lot of smart, educated things. I'm taking classes that require me to think and analyze, write papers and appreciate other cultures. Sometimes I'm required to sit in front of a computer screen and repeat words like a monkey, but it's in the name of science and knowledge, so I do it for a good cause all before returning to my very important studies. 
An example of these very important studies I dedicate my nights to? 

Allowing Katie to do my hair partially with her feet and partially with her hands while watching Criminal Minds and E! Investigates specials on kids of serial killers while Bethany writes a paper and Jessica does a math quiz and I lay in the floor sharing stories of crazy classmates. 
Yeah, you know, important studies. . . except not at all. Just ask me about Aristotle's Six Elements of Drama or who Thespis was though, because I can tell you that from my important studying!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Eighteen and legal.

Exactly eighteen years ago, the world was introduced to the squirming, fuzzy headed being that was and and still is Sarah Arant. I was born with so much hair the nurses could literally tie a bow in it, and this lions mane would continually be the bane of my existence, from the time when I was a month old and mistaken for a monkey* until the time I would learn to tame it in high school. I'm still convinced that people should call it "Sarah Arant hair" not "Hermione Granger hair". Legit. It was huge. 

I'm eighteen. 18. I've been alive and breathing and living and experiencing and antagonizing the human race for eighteen years. I can vote. I can sign my own papers (or more accurately, sign up for Psychology experiments to complete the required credits). I can buy lottery tickets and cigarettes. I can join the army. 
I'm an adult, legally. 
But I don't really feel any older. I still feel like I am a little kid, but when I step back and look at my life right now, I realize I'm far from a kid. I'm an adult. 

The eighteen years I've had so far have been incredibly crazy. I thought about listing the 18 biggest things I've learned, or the 18 best things about the past year, or something else cutesy like that, but I already did my nausea inducing list of people I appreciate, so I decided against the cutesy birthday list. Instead, I'll tell you this: My life is just beginning, and I know I am in for an adventure. In the coming year, I have everything from finishing my first year of college to two months in Thailand to anything and everything else life can throw at me. And I'm ready. I'm ready to celebrate the eighteen wonderful, challenging years I've been given and prepare to embrace the coming years and all that God has in store for me, because He is just beginning to unfold the adventures before me. 

So basically, I'm eighteen and ready to (continue to) rock the world. 
Or, as my friend Charis just pointed out via text message, "YOU'LL BE 19 IN LESS THAN A YEAR!" 

Code Red Intake: 4
Days Until Thailand: 242  

*True story. When I was a month old, my mom took me in for a check up. I was wrapped up in my car seat, because it was November and I was the first child in my family, and a girl who was probably 4 ran up and screamed "LOOK MOM! IT'S A MONKEY!!!". This is still a story told around my house on a regular basis. 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The thorn in my flesh.

"God, I want to be challenged, but I know where you have called me. I know that I am to be a behind the scenes prayer warrior. You have not called me to speak to the church,"
Merely hours after praying this, after working with the kids to escape being in the service and facing the chance of speaking, I found myself standing in front of a church in Romania speaking about the definition of family. 

"Southeast Asia, but not Thailand. . . I don't know where the trips will be headed, but I know you want me to go to that general area, just not Thailand,
See anything familiar here? 
Because I do. 

Today, I had my interview to be officially approved or rejected from the Real Life trip with Adventures In Missions  that I applied for. 
I was approved. Guess where I'm spending two months this summer?

Yes, Thailand. God has a funny way of directing me towards the things I am most scared of or feel least equipped for. But through this, He is made even more glorious. Though I feel incredibly inadequate, I know I am not headed into this on my own; He will be with me the whole way, and He will equip me with all that I need to minister to the women of Thailand. See, I'm not the first one who saw how Christ's glory is made apparent through my weakness. This guy you might have heard of, named Paul, realized this long before me. 
"So to keep me from being too elated by the surpassing greatness of the revelations, a thorn was given me in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to harass me, to keep me from being too elated. Three times I pleaded with the Lord about this, that it should leave me. But He said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.' "
- 2 Corinthians 12:7-9. 

You see, I don't have to feel adequate, because I'll never be adequate. I'm human, and just like all other humans, I'm incapable of accomplishing anything on my own or ever being perfect, because I'm human and we kind of suck (Actually, more than kind of. We're basically the worst). We are sinners, we are imperfect, and we will never be able to do anything without Christ. He works through our inadequacies and leads us to things we could never do on our own, but with Him, we conquer. With Him, we cannot be defeated. With Him, we are unstoppable. With Him, we are MORE than adequate. And because we only succeed with Him there to back us up, His glory is made apparent through our failures and He is given the praise and acknowledgment He deserves. 
So through Him, I have the strength and grace to face my fears and go to Thailand. We'll be spending two months working with past and present victims of sex trafficking, showing them that they are more than a body and a pretty face. They are God's beloved, His precious daughters and they are His beautiful masterpiece. We'll be restoring hope to the hopeless and showing a kind of love many have never seen before. Lives will be changed, and it won't just be the ones of the girls we'll be working with. Yes, even though I'm really excited, I'm scared. Am I adequate? No, but I have Christ on my side, and He will speak through me and allow me to be His light in this dark place, and He'll shine through my inadequacies and make Himself known as glorious, deserving, and Holy, Holy, Holy! 

And if that's what it means to have a thorn in your flesh, throw me into a whole patch of thistles, because I'm ready to be punctured by that kind of thorn. 

"Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong,"
- 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I kind of would love to just stay at home forever. This is going to be the longest semester of my life. 
This weekend I've been at home visiting my family for the first time in weeks. It has been way too long since I actually got to watch SNL with my brother, get breakfast with dad, run to Target with mom, or just hang out with my little sisters. Instead of living in a small room with someone I don't even know, eating crappy food three times a day, and feeling like an incompetent idiot during ASL, I've had 3 days of hanging out with people I choose to be around and LIKE to be around. Charis and I did a mini-photo shoot and I rode around her with her and Daniel blasting Paramore and RENT. I went to MY church this morning and got to catch up with two of the people from the youth group who I haven't seen since I left for school. I got to control what was on the TV and not be forced to listen to the Kardashians for once, and I got to sleep in my own bed with the blinds open and shower barefoot without fearing fungal diseases. 
Basically, being home is just far better than college. I'm so ready to end this semester and move on. 

(One of the pictures from the photo shoot with Charis. She is kinda talented.)

Code Red Intake: 3. 
Days Until My Birthday: 7.
Days Until Thailand: 250.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I can be thankful too; people edition.

A couple of months back I wrote a list of things I'm thankful for. That list included things like ice cream and indoor plumbing and the Winter Olympics. Well, I'm not only thankful for material things in my life. I've been blessed with some pretty fantastic friends and family members, and I've decided to compile a little list of a few people I am especially thankful for these days. So, in no particular order, here we go.

a. Charis Pope -When I see you, I see confidence. I see ambition. I see love. You inspire me to aim for excellence and you usually see to it that I'm on that path. You are so incredibly talented and you are using your gifts for the glory of Christ, and it is such a beautiful thing to watch and experience with you. I'm so thankful to have you in my life not only to experience your great ability to love, but to be silly with you. You are always there in a moments notice when I need anything from a verbal vomit time to just time to ride around in the car and belt Michael Buble. You have given me more than I could ask for and stuck with me through the recovery. I'm so thankful to call you my friend and sister and have you to be insane with.
b. Carrie Lee Arant - You are in Ireland, and though I joke about hating you for that, I am so proud of you. You are such a confident, beautiful woman of God. And you are so insightful and encouraging. When I see you, I see peace. I know very well that you have been stressed like everyone else and have your own confusions, but I genuinely never remember a time when you were visibly anxious. You have such a strong faith in the peace of Christ, and I love it. You are truly in love with our Creator and striving to be more like Him each day, and anyone who knows you can see that. You're an inspiration to many and I feel so BEYOND blessed to have you as my cousin and get to experience life with you first hand and process it over the same kind of coffee at the same table in Caribou while Trippy Barista sings out orders in the background.
c. Ashleigh Pirtle - Oh, Ash. How I love you. I love your spirit and your energy. I love your boldness to pursue the questions you have and get answers, even when it isn't comfortable. I love that you don't let hardships stop you and how you press forward through the dark to reach the light. We've been through so much together, and I wouldn't trade a moment of it. You fill my life with laughter and spontaneity; you keep things an adventure. You are so honest about what you are feeling and thinking, and I love that. From our videos to Bible study dates, I love everything about our friendship and the beautiful person you are.
d. Betsie MacLellan -Betsie Boo Boo, you are something special. You are genuinely passionate about everything you do and give all of yourself into the things you get involved with, even if you don't want to be where you (which you'll admit yourself). You have such a childlike faith and are so ready to trust God and completely let go. Watching you grow and learn and work is such a joy. You're one of those people that is a natural thermostat: you control the environment around you, not vice versa. You light up everywhere you go and fill those around you with such great joy. I love your heart. I love hearing your struggles and victories and getting to witness firsthand the results of you really pressing into God and His will for your life.
e. Ian Newman - Despite that I find malicious happiness in punching you in the stomach and calling you a Boy Scout, I think you are pretty great. I love how much you love Jesus, because you get so genuinely excited about Him and just who He is. It is obvious to everyone around you how on fire for Christ you are, and it's such an encouragement to see Him working in you. You truly have the spirit of David, and you are being made into a leader. I know I've said it before, but you have HUGE things coming for you. He has more in store for you than you can imagine, and I can't wait to see how that manifests in your life. I'm so thankful for your friendship and that I can call you my brother. I love just talking about the greatness of our Savior with you and hearing how He is working in you. Plus, having someone to drive off a mountain in a rock slide into a river and make up ridiculous hypothetical situations with just makes life most festive.
f. Haley Robertson - I wish I could type in your southern accent, but I immediately wanted to yell "HALEY!" in said accent when I got to your name. Haley Robertson, I love your gentle spirit. You are not always quick to speak, but when you do it is always worth hearing. I love your maturity and your ability to hold those around you accountable. I love how you look for the best in situations and are the first one to turn to Scripture in a time of frustration. I love how you attempt to be sassy and just make me laugh, and I love how you don't let other people influence who you are. And I love your pretty face. Seriously, you are gorgeous.
g. Kelsey Taylor -KELTHY. I'M THANKFUL FOR YOU. No really. I love your strength. I love that you know who you are and what you want out of life. You don't let people shake you. For someone who has seen so much pain, you love with all you have. I love how you are so loyal. You aren't one who takes relationships with people lightly, and you make such a fantastic friend because of it. I love how you are so real, and you tell it to people exactly how it is. Getting to talk with you and really get to know you this summer was such a blessing and one of my favorite things about our trip. And I love our phone calls while you drive like a mad woman and make me nervous, and how you aren't afraid to put your phone in a plastic bag and talk to me while you shower. You are something special.
h. Emily Stoker - I know this is incredibly ironic, but you're a BIG person. You are another one with big things ahead of them. You never let discomfort stop you and you are so quick to serve, even when it isn't your first choice of ways to spend time. When ANYONE sees you, it is so obvious how much you love Christ and are ready to embrace His plans for you. Anyone can see that you are hungry for His word and ready to just run head long after Him. You're a beaming light amidst the darkness, and you are going to rock the world far beyond what anyone could ever expect. You're going places, Stoker, and those places are going to be blessed beyond belief by the impact you will have on them. 
i. Sarah West - My walk with God and way of approaching situations isn't the only thing you influenced this summer; my vocabulary seems to have increased as well. Sarah, you are just COOL. Not only are you a strong woman of God and a role model to so many, but you are such an awesome person. I love your dancing and your crazy phrases like "barf in my pants" and how you have a song for every occasion. I love how you are ready to challenge everyone and keep them moving forward, but you do so with love. I'm so thankful for all you've done for me, for keeping me uncomfortable and for always pushing me to strive for more, even when I don't want to hear it.
j. Jessie Miller - I just love you, SMJ. I love how real you are. You don't hide who you are or try to cover up anything, you are just you. I love your honesty and how completely open you are, and how ready you are to teach and see growth. You go out of your way to do for people and you always give your all to anything and everything you do. I love your maternal spirit and how you bring life to those around you. You never give up or leave anything incomplete, and I love how you are so faithful. You can see it in all aspects of your life, especially in your relationship with Christ. You are always striving to know Him more and more and to truly embrace the love He has for you and the world around you. You are a healer and you bring life to the places you go and the people you encounter.
k. Bryan Marsh - I don't even know where to start with you, friend. When I tell people stories about you or have to explain you to anyone, I always just immediately say, "It's Bryan," and feel that should be enough. You are something else. I've never met anyone as unique as you or quite as lively. And man, the FIRE inside of you is captivating. I've never before in my life met someone who loves God the way you do. You're radical. You're serious business. You are the real deal. I get Holy Spirit chills just thinking about the way you love our God and how you are constantly in pursuit of Him and the love He has for you. You are the embodiment of a man of God and are an example to everyone around you. I still cannot believe how blessed I am to know you and to continue to see the ways God is using your life for His glory and how all the things you do are a testament to His greatness.
l. Daniel Arant - Hands down, I have the greatest younger brother in the entire universe. God obviously knew what He was doing when He decided to make us siblings. You are a mess, but that's what I love about you. I love your fun spirit and your wit, and I love how you are the first one to lift me up when I am down. Despite the fact that you crawl into my room and fart and seem to think it's funny to sit on me though you're twice my size, I wouldn't change anything about you or our relationship. I love how we've become so close and how instead of fighting like regular siblings, we shoot zombies and watch Jimmy Fallon and belt Taylor Swift songs in the car. But more seriously, I love the actual conversations we have. I love going to the gas station or just sitting in my room and talking about life together. I can't wait to see the places you're headed and all the things God has in store for your life, because I know they will be amazing.
m. Grant Matthews - I think you deserve a medal for sticking around for so long, friend. Not many people would have tolerated me for all these years. You are the brave (or insane) one. But I don't know where I'd be today without you in my life, McGee. You're the logical one who keeps me sane. We've been through a lot together, everything from learning to walk to my first car accident, and somehow we've only become closer. Heck, we survived PROM together and we've convinced an entire home school community that we are in love with each other. I mean, that only should show you how awesome we are. I'm so thankful for your friendship and the insight you provide on life. You are one of my most favorite people on the face of this planet, and I can't wait to see what other adventures we are headed for as the years go by.
n. Kelsey Barham - And last but most definitely NOT least, I could write ten million novels about how much I love you. Just covering all the things we've been through alone would take ten million novels, let alone how thankful I am to have you in my life. I wouldn't be where I am today without you. You have been my rock throughout middle school and high school and we've hit our best and worst moments together. We've gone from the goth girl with two toned hair and the Hermione-like brace faced loser to these college students with much better hair discovering where our lives are going. And yet we still giggle over farting and hold bamboo leg races. I adore so many things about you. I love your quirky personality and your absolutely bizarre sense of humor. I love your passion for the broken people of the world and how you will firmly stand for what you believe in. You are not an easy one to shake, and I love that about you. Thank you for all the laughs and the tears and the nights spend watching horror movies or choking on way-too-vanilla lattes.


Monday, September 20, 2010

In which I am a stray puppy.

I don't know if you guys are aware, but without my awesome Savior, my life would be a hot mess. With that in mind, let us begin the tale of the kicked puppy. . . 

This past weekend has been more insane than I could ever explain. I had a paper to write, a play to read, a Psych exam to study for, and a Bible study meeting to have with my best friend. I spent the night with my grandparents Saturday night, and came back early Sunday morning all stressed about studying, unshowered, and ready to go into full out recluse mode until my paper was done. Well, this plan was changed when I found my roommate in bed with her boyfriend after I've expressed my discomfort with him being here overnight. Logically, I did the thing that all sane and responsible people would do . . . went outside, made a phone call, and cried. 
There I was, looking like a kicked puppy, unshowered with my hair in a pony tale, wearing my Evergreen t shirt and jeans, sitting under a tree full of squirrels, crying at 9AM on a Sunday morning. A girl passed me going into the dorm, and I know I looked ridiculous, but I was tired and uncomfortable and ready to just give up. I didn't know what to do. 
Five minutes later, I look up, and that same girl from earlier is coming towards me. She asks if I'm okay, and after denying my problems the first time around, I finally told her my situation. She invited me to her room and I sat on her bed letting my tears dry as she did her make up. She told me that she was going to church with a friend, and her other friend was supposed to go with her but bailed at last minute, so they had room in the car if I wanted to go. 
Basically, the next thing I know I'm at church (still unshowered, mind you) with these girls I just met, singing "Lead Me To The Cross" in a highly needed moment of worship. And I realized right then just what was happening; God was using my worst nightmare* to bless me beyond all imagination. Bethany (the girl who invited me to her room) offered to let me study in her room and use the shower on her floor, and went with me to get stuff out of my room so I wouldn't have to face my roommate and her boyfriend alone. Before we went down, Bethany asked if I wanted to pray beforehand, so we went in her room and prayed over the situation before actually facing it. 
Next thing I know, I have friends. I stayed the night with Bethany and her roommate Taylor, and they took me in like a stray puppy. I ate dinner with them and their friends, and met the guys on their hall. Tonight I went to a dance class ("Two words, one letter; Move N Groove") with them and realized how out of shape I am. 

I've had an incredibly stressful weekend between school work, the roommate situation, and other things that would be inappropriate to share with the blogging world. Coming back Sunday morning and walking into what I walked into, that was my breaking point. And right in my moment of complete weakness (I never EVER cry in public. I just don't.) God swept in by speaking to a random girl who lives a floor below me, and she chose to answer His voice despite how incredibly awkward it can be to approach that weird, dirty girl who is crying at a picnic table under a tree full of squirrels. I clearly see Him working through this entire situation, and not only did He provide me with a place to stay and a person to lean on during this, He provided me with friends. And they are all incredibly awesome, hilarious people that I love having the chance to get to know and live just one floor above. 
Our Creator never creases to amaze me at how He works through the worst situations and gets us at our breaking point. He speaks to us and cares for us and never leaves us when we are hurting or broken and in need of His love. He hears our calls and answers our prayers, even if it isn't in ways we expect. I don't know about you, but I think He is kind of fantastic. 

(I've decided to keep count of how many Code Red Mountain Dews I drink from here on out. The count starts today.) Code Red intake: 1
Days until my birthday: 13

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you!

Going back through my prayer journal (Yeah, call me a dork. I don't care), I found "Psalm 63" written in bold letters and surrounded by a doodle frame at the top of one of my entries from Romania. Curious, I went back to see why it had stood out to me at the time. 

"O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you;
my soul thirsts for you;
my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water. 
So I have looked upon you in the sanctuary, beholding your power and glory.
Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.
So I will bless  you as long as I live;
in your name I will left up my hands.
My soul will be satisfied as with fat and rich food, and my mouth will praise you with joyful lips,
when I remember you upon my bed, and meditate on you in the watches of the night;
for you have been my help, and in the shadow of your wings I will sing for joy.
My soul clings to you;
your right hand upholds me.
But those who seek to destroy my life shall go down into the depth of the earth;
they shall be given over to the power of the sword;
they shall be a portion for jackals.
But the king shall rejoice in God; 
all who swear by him shall exult; for the mouths of liars shall be stopped." 

If that doesn't just rock the very depths of your being, I don't know what does. Personally, it makes me want to run as fast as I can and shout His praises from the mountains and dance for joy because we serve a Savior who is constantly romancing us and whose love is better than life itself and who upholds us with His right hand. No one can ever love us like He does, and we'll never deserve the love He offers, but yet we have it. 
How AWESOME is that? Seriously, it blows my mind. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where's MY lightning bolt?!

This time last year, I had just finished my application process and had been approved for the month long Romania trip through Adventures In Missions. At the time, I didn't realize what this meant for the nearly 17 year old un-admitted Agnostic that I was. I spent the next few months fund raising, connecting with my team mates on Facebook, and counting down the days until we left for our trip. I spent a month with them growing, being broken and learning what it really means to love like Christ has loved us. My life was turned around, and before I knew it, I was a new person and I was home. Home. . . and that trip that had consumed almost a year of my life from application to preparation to actual travel was over. I had been uncomfortable and pushed past my limits but given so much more than I could have asked for, and I was ready to get right back on a plane and go on another adventure in the name of Christ. But it wouldn't happen until the next summer. 

That being said, AIM just posted their Real Life (college age group) summer 2011 trips. There are 13 of them, each one different and ranging from anywhere to Africa to Southeast Asia to Central America. They all look awesome and I'm so excited to see the stories that come from them. I've been waiting on this list since before we got home from Romania, anxious to be signed up and fund raising for my next adventure. When I signed up for Romania last year, I knew immediately it was where I was supposed to go. I saw the trip on the list and felt immediately called there. I don't even know what the other trips they offered where. I guess I expected the same thing to happen this year, so I read over the list. . . and read over the list. . . and did the same thing a few more times, and I got nothing. While I'm reading over the list for the millionth time, my Romania teammate Ian text messages me and says he's going to the Amazon; he got a "lightning bolt from God" about it. "GREAT!" I said aloud to God, tossing my head back, "Where's MY lightning bolt?!"
Patience isn't exactly my thing. Honestly, neither is just trusting COMPLETELY on faith. I really struggle to just go with something without God providing a solid sign that it's what I should do, especially if He draws it out over a long period of time (I have a tendency to say, "Okay, if you REALLY want me to talk to that girl over there, make her scratch her nose when I look over at her!", you know, stupid stuff like that). And those kinds of struggles, impatience and complicated trust, are exactly the kinds of character flaws I learned to overcome in Romania, and when I prayed that the things I learned this summer would continue to be taught to me as I came home, God didn't ignore that prayer. Needless to say, He isn't going to send me a lightning bolt. He's going to make me work at it. 
Through two days of pretty extensive prayer, talking with a close friend, and praying some more, I've gotten it narrowed down from 13 to 2, even though last night I was pretty sure I had gotten my "lightning bolt" and figured out where I was going. 

The two? Uganda or Thailand. 

These trips are both very different. These trips are both very difficult. Uganda is a country that has been plagued by war and seen so much hurt, and Thailand is one of the biggest countries of human trafficking. Uganda is full of children who have lost their families to the war and fought as child soldiers and so much more, and Thailand is filled with women looking for hope after escaping the sex trade. 
Uganda and Thailand both break my heart. Uganda has the kids I thought I could work with, Thailand has the girls I know I'm called to work with. Uganda means public speaking and Thailand means incredibly spiritual and emotional strength. When I prayed over the unannounced trips, I prayed that if God sent me to Southeast Asia, it'd be anywhere but Thailand. When I prayed to be sent to a country to work with kids, I prayed that it wouldn't involved as much public speaking as Africa always does.
Obviously, I'm facing a challenge here, since He has narrowed it down to these two for me. Being completely honest, Uganda just scares the life out of me because I don't feel comfortable speaking, but I don't feel adequate enough to help the women of Thailand, even if I know those feelings of inadequacy are largely Satan whispering death in my ear to discourage me from God's plan. 

I'm not getting a lightning bolt. I have to learn patience in this one, and I have to learn to trust where He needs me to go without some grand feeling of security or miraculous sign of confirmation. I have to learn to rely completely on Him for this one and risk feeling really stupid or entirely uncomfortable. 
Thankfully, I have time to pray this one out.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another little breeze.

I woke up this morning with an outlook that seemed very familiar. It was exactly like the morning at training camp for Romania when I crawled out of my second level bunk and looked at my teammate Kelsey, groaned and went, "I woke up this morning and just kind of thought, 'Hmm, how 'bout not?'". I had slept quite hard and had been dreaming all night and didn't feel well rested as I rolled out of bed (literally. . .) and trudged down the hall to the shower. It took forever for the water to heat up, the shower curtain was hooked wrong, and I got shampoo in my eye. I lacked all desire to do my hair or look pretty, which was odd since I just got one of my dresses back from being altered by Nan. So I tossed my hair into a ponytail, pulled my bangs back into a headband, and donned my gym shorts, grey tank top, and light jacket before heading to get breakfast before Psychology this morning. 
The moment I stepped outside the front door of my dorm, something wasn't right. I could tell immediately. 
It was. . . cool. The humidity was gone, the sun wasn't beating down, and I actually felt a little bit chilly
Suddenly, as the breeze picked up a little, I felt very alive

God speaks to me in funny ways. Sometimes it's a well timed text message or a verse of a song, sometimes its a random stranger passing me on my way to class, and sometimes it's a slight breeze that picks up at the right moment. It was like that little breeze was my own little gift this morning, telling me to perk up; I have plenty to be happy about, and cool weather isn't even the top of the list. 
The rest of my morning went really well. I made excellent time at breakfast, leaving me with enough time to get a chai latte AND knock out a chapter of my book before Psychology, which was let out ten minutes early, allowing me to actually walk instead of run across campus to make it to my ASL class. I made an A on my first ASL exam, and actually got to talk with the really intimidating girl in my class and found out she's actually super nice. I got the first serving of the fresh batch of curly fries at lunch and came back to my room to find my afternoon class canceled, opening up my afternoon so that I not only had time to do all of my homework but to devote more time to my Bible study. My room smelled like an exploded Hot Pocket and no amount of Febreeze could cover it up (nor could it block out the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians my roommate was watching, with the blinds shut, while doing her homework), so I packed up my books and my computer and headed down to the coffee shop just off campus, where I've been sitting for the past two hours. I've had a two hour Bible study and quiet time, praying and listening to worship music and reading back through the verses my teammates gave me in their encouragement notes. This little corner of the coffee shop, while I'm surrounded by a ton of students and adults meeting for coffee or to study, seems very quiet and personal and exactly the kind of spot I've needed to spend some quality time discussing life with the one who gave it to me.
God blows my mind, plain and simple. It never ceases to amaze me how the Creator who is so perfect and Holy and everything good chooses to love someone as disgusting and short tempered as me. He chooses to send me the breeze and speak to me in a coffee shop, asking me to uncomfortably open my palms to Him as I pray around these strangers but follows the discomfort with His soothing and loving voice. He continues to romance me and lay His plan out before me bit by bit each day. He places people in my life who encourage me and push me forward and challenge me to really press into His plan and process, even when I feel unworthy and discouraged. He has redeemed me and blessed me, made beauty from the ashes and covered my inadequacies with His blood. 

And to think, if that little breeze hadn't blown this morning, I'd probably still be grumbling and groaning about being awake today.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Independent variable.

My mom called me a grown up the other day. 

Grown up. Adult. On my own (as my grandmother so "lovingly" likes to remind us). 
Yes, I am 26 days away from legally being an adult, but my family has started acknowledging me as an adult, an independent factor in the family dynamic.

Holy crap

Lets stop and look at this for a moment, shall we? I do not feel like I should be considered a "grown up". My mom should still be telling I'm too young to date boys and I should have to ask her permission before I go somewhere and she should still be driving me there. I shouldn't be making plans and living on my own and having my own fridge to put magnets on and open to find my roommate has filled it with Hot Pockets. I shouldn't be one of those cousins that you don't know if they'll be at the beach or home for Thanksgiving or not because their schedule is not dependent on their family anymore.
I feel like just yesterday I was a kid. I feel like I should still be playing Indians and getting mad at my brother for making the Barbies jump off the roof instead of going to the parties I pretended they were having. The other day, we were watching these old family videos from when my cousin and I were probably six years old, and I was running behind her screaming her name and feeding a goat with her. THAT is how old I feel. 
Instead, I'm a college student handling her own life and figuring out what in the world I want to do (or more like what I'm supposed to do/called to do, whatever you wanna call it. All I know is Jesus is handling it.) and trying to survive a life filled with cafeteria food, the "flawless walrus", and new-found-independence crazed young people. And now I have a potentially huge change coming up that will change a lot of things.
Oh, and I am ready to know where I'm going this summer. I've gotten past how weird it'll be to be a member of a new team that isn't Team Romania and I'm just ready to be fund raising and praying and getting ready. I want to go and love and be impacted as much as I impact and hug people for Jesus. Basically, I want another chance to do what I'm going to be doing for the rest of my life instead of all of this collegiate crap. 
And I can, because apparently I'm a grown up

Time flies way too quickly. My best friends younger brother is in the class level I considered my best year of high school, and now I realized how many years ago that was. The other day, I didn't even recognize one of the guys I went to both middle school and high school with when I saw his new pictures on Facebook. Everyone I grew up with is changing and getting older and all of the sudden we aren't those weird little home school kids who eat Lunchables out under a tree or skip around a neighborhood taking on the identities of characters from The Wizard of Oz (No, I was not 5. I was in 7th grade, and I was the Cowardly Lion. I even had a tail to prove it that was made out of yellow yarn. I was cool.). We're all college students figuring out our lives and getting serious (to some extent). Do I need to mention again how weird this is? Because I'm kind of freaked out by it.

(I think that whole "Holy crap I'm getting another year old in a matter of 26 days" feeling has kicked in and made me over think everything. I apologize.)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Doublicious merrilicious teammate meet up.

Labor Day weekend is upon us, which means I am home from school like most college kids, spending time with my friends and family. It's been a much needed break of getting to sleep in my own bed, eat jalapenos with my dad, hang out with my brother, and not having to worry about homework or walking down the hallway to use a communal bathroom each morning. Also, not eating caf food is nice. 
But as much as I am loving being home and chilling with my family, the best part of my weekend BY FAR was yesterdays mini-reunion with two of my Romania teammates, Haley and Ian. 
I arrived in Asheville around 9:30 on Saturday morning and met Ian in the parking lot of the hotel where I was staying that night. Our morning was spent walking around the mall, drinking coffee, catching up, searching (in vain) for a hat to replace the one he lost in Romania, and buying a tattoo sleeve from the Halloween store. Many jokes about rock slides, rivers, and falling off a mountain later (and many, many times singing along through the Romania CD Betsie made for us all) we arrived at Haley's house and our adventures began. 
One thing I just love about my Romania team is how even after a month apart, our dynamics don't change at all. It was like we had spent no time apart, the way we joked and picked at each other and found eternal amusement in poking Haley. Ian and I fought for who would sit in the backseat of the car (which resulted in me jumping over the front seat, pinning each other against the car, etc.) and he shut doors in my face while Haley didn't take sides. We watched a marathon of Super Sweet 16 on MTV, threw our hands up so we wouldn't have to say the prayer over our dinner at KFC, and left obnoxious videos for the rest of our teammates. Our night ended attempting to make gogoshi, the Romanian doughnuts we made during our trip, which surprisingly didn't go too horribly. They weren't as good as the ones we made in Viile Tecii, but they weren't too shabby for our first go round with a recipe. Even a month later, I had not lost my ability to evenly fry gogoshi! (Which is saying something, because I don't cook. Ever.) 

Leaving was just as bad as leaving after our trip, but I'm pretty sure anytime we get together it'll be that way. I haven't had that much fun or been that genuinely happy since the trip. I don't like to be all mushy and crap, but when I look at this team of people I've been given as my friends, brothers and sisters, I realize how incredibly, incredibly blessed I am to have them in my life. And I know we'll all be together for many, many years to come. Spending a very broken, challenging month where only a curtain separates the shower from your bed kind of bonds you in a way you can't really understand until you've been there. These people changed my life. 

Going back to school is not going to be very easy, but I'm pretty sure the fact I have homework to attend to tomorrow is going to be a bit of a distraction from my lack of love I have about college. A pretty gross end to a pretty phenomenal weekend, no? 

Happy happy happy.

Today was the first time I've been genuinely happy in a month and a half. 

Not to get all mushy on you guys and stuff, but I feel so undeserving of the beautiful people God has given me as friends. Today made all of that all the more evident to me.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An ill prepared train wreck.

I like to plan ahead. 
I was one of the first people signed up for the Romania trip, almost a year before we even left, all of my college applications were submitted during the early decision deadline. I was registered for two classes before most people even knew where they were going, and I know in August what I'm being for Halloween (This year is an exception. . .). 

This is why the future scares the living crap out of me. 
The future is like this far off distant place that is also incredibly close. The choices I make right now have a permanent impact on my future. Even the little things make a difference. For example, I could have chosen to just point the way to the library for the girl in my ASL class instead of walking with her, and then I wouldn't have realized I'm not the only person who has no clue what they are doing and I wouldn't have gotten a study partner. But see, I don't always get to make the decisions. That's where I have to learn to let go and trust that Jesus has it all under control. Easier said than done. For someone who likes to have control of their situation and know where I'm going, this is one of the most difficult things I've dealt with and will always deal with. I don't know if you've noticed this, but I can be kind of stubborn. (ME?! Stubborn? I know, shocking. /sarcasm.) 

God has been putting a lot of emphasis on faith in my life lately. He is really trying to show me that I can trust Him, and He has a hold of me and my future and every aspect of my life. Being a control freak, I don't want to let go and just walk through day to day life not being in the drivers seat. I'll just openly admit that. There's no use in pretending any differently. I know He handles it all better than I ever could and His plans for my life are far beyond what I can imagine or ever create. Still, it's incredibly difficult for me to let go and trust this, especially since what he's revealed to me is a challenge. It's out of my comfort zone. He brought me back from Romania, but he isn't putting me back in that comfort zone I left behind. He's pushing me forward and leading me into big things. But it's hard. 

See, I'm kind of a train wreck of disgusting emotions. I'm judgmental and I hold grudges (Over two years later, I'm still fighting back the urge to "accidentally" kick the seat of the girl from the youth group that hurt me as she sits in front of me in Psychology class) and I can be very short tempered. And hey, let's just look at my track record: I'm not exactly a nice person. I definitely struggle to love people.
And God has called ME to the mission field? Yeah. It still shocks me too. Don't worry. 
It's the times I look in the mirror and see myself through human eyes (MY eyes), that I feel so incredibly inadequate. Its those moments that I want to (and often do) look at God and say, "Really? I'm not the one you need for this job. Look at so and so, they have it together. They would offer their roommate half the fridge instead of biting back a bit of frustration when they put something in without asking or close the blinds by 7PM every night,". 
He and I were discussing these rough aspects of my personality last night as I prayed over the upcoming year and the decisions we have to make (Yes, we. Not just me. He and I.) when I got a text message from my friend Charis. All that was said was a verse from The Message translation. She claimed she couldn't sleep until she sent it to me, but she didn't know why. She just had to send it.

"So this is my prayer: that your love will flourish and that you will not only love much but well. Learn to love appropriately. You need to use your head and test your feelings so that your love is sincere and intelligent, not sentimental gush. Live a lover's life, circumspect and exemplary, a life Jesus will be proud of: bountiful in fruits from the soul, making Jesus Christ attractive to all, getting everyone involved in the glory and praise of God."
- Philippians 1:9-11 (The Message) 

and from my translation: 

"And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ to the glory and praise of God,"
- Philippians 1:9-11 (ESV)

Thanks, God. Sometimes (Okay, a lot of the time) I do need those little moments of affirmation. Maybe I can do this after all. All it takes is a little (or a lot of) faith, trust, and God-sent-text-messages-from-dear-friends.

Monday, August 30, 2010



Yes, amidst all of my college reading and classwork, I finally got to read Mockingjay, the final book in The Hunger Games trilogy. But now that the reading is over, I actually have some college work to do before debriefing my week with Betsie Boo tonight. Therefore, you shall get a more detailed review later (plus, a lot of my friends haven't finished it yet, so I'll hold off on more details until they have. Nevertheless, my bullet point list will have some spoilers.). 

- "You love me. Real or not real?" Yes. Yes! YES!
- Despite the action that went on, I felt like the writing wasn't descriptive enough in these scenes.
- FINNICK. It was Fred freaking Weasley all over again. 
- The execution scene was just how I wanted it to go down.

Basically, Catching Fire was my favorite followed by The Hunger Games and then Mockingjay. But this was easily the best trilogy I've read in a long time.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm too busy to really blog.

a. I am seeing two of my Romania teammates, Haley and Ian, in merely 11 days. Excitement doesn't even begin to cover the emotions I'm feeling. 

b. My cousin is going to be an exchange student in Ireland this fall. I'm a college freshman. We've been through all of life's big adventures together, so it's no exception that this happens at the same time. We're working on a joint blog called potatoesandtextbooks. I'm setting it up and editing it tonight. I'll link it for you soon. It's going to be awesome, and you can subscribe via email so it's easy to keep up with. 

c. I'm really excited for my Religion class tomorrow.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Exploding feet, space marines, and the classic panic attack.

After a lot of time off campus and the panic attack to end all panic attacks, I think I've realized that I can do this whole college thing. I realized this a bit late, rushing back to campus at 11PM last night to throw everything together and print off my syllabus for Religion and get everything ready to use my mad elliptical skills at this gym before class. (So the latter didn't happen this morning, but it will tomorrow morning. I have to get my morning routine timed and perfect first.)  

My English professor looks like Ryan Gosling with a ponytail and let's us call him by his first name. He's quiet and deep voiced with a Masters in Creative Writing and made me feel completely comfortable as I was the only one in class who spoke above a mumble and had to introduce myself first (darned "A" last name. You are the bane of my preferably quiet existence. . .). His class is going to be largely reading and analyzing and discussing with a lot of opinion based writing, and no final exam. In fact, neither class I've taken today had a final exam. Celebrate? Yeah basically. 
My Religion professor sent out the world's scariest syllabus that put pictures of a bitter old Atheist man into my mind. Needless to say, I didn't go into this class feeling too excited about life, and the classroom didn't help. It's in a giant lecture room with stadium seating, flickering lights, and no windows. Three minutes before class starts, a man with an almost triangular formation of black curls on the literal top of his head, diamond studs in each ear lobe, and a goatee walks to the front of the room, sets two books on either side of the chalkboard and shouts, "DO YOU SEE THESE BOOKS?! BUY THIS ONE *dramatic gesture towards the one on his right* NOT THIS ONE *dramatic gesture to the one on his left*" 
Imagine if Zach Galifianakis was teaching your Religion class, hated the classroom so much he joked about it being an experiment from the Psychology department and compared it to the Mel Gibson movie "Conspiracy Theory", used your feet exploding as the example of what to get a doctors note for, and screamed "MY DAMNED SON AGAIN!" when his phone rang then picked it up and went "I'M IN CLASS!" and hung up. 
Yeah, it's going to be a very interesting and entertaining semester in Religion class. 
My last class of the day isn't until 3:30, so I went and got some lunch and attempted to read some of the book I'm currently reading while the guys at the table next to me (very passionately) discussed what it takes to become a Space Marine. (Yes, I was dying to take them all outside and show them the real world, but I refrained.) 

Maybe I'm not so bad at this college thing after all. Who knows, before long maybe I'll even (Wait for it. . . ) LIKE it. (GASP, I know. Insanity.)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dorm Room Tour.

I guess I should be that cliche freshman and show you what my dorm looks like. So ladies and gentlemen, sit back and buckle your seat belts, keep your hands and feet inside the blog at all times, and enjoy. 
My dorm is located right next to the tennis courts and soccer fields and houses mostly freshman. After a long climb up three flights of stairs, you arrive at my room. 
This is my bed and dresser. 
My bed is on 7 inch lifts and because I'm only 5'1'' (I grew an inch before Romania. I feel like I'm a whole foot taller now.), I am forced to literally hop up onto it. Hopefully I won't be breaking my legs this year or else I'll be sleeping on the floor. My slightly spastic and almost mentally challenged fish, Bashina, sits on the dresser. If he dies this year (Which he shouldn't. I'm a good mom.), Roomie and I are going to legitimately have a funeral for him and bury him somewhere on campus. 
Then we move onto my desk area. 

 My desk is home to everything from Paduch the computer to my books and make up and a Woody toothbrush holder who is serving as a holder for my computer charger chord. I basically live here, sitting in the desk chair that wants to be a rocking chair and scares me periodically when I move by making me feel like I'm going to fall backwards. It's baller. Behind my desk you see my closet door where basically everything else is stored. 
And that's it. 

It's small and simple, but it's where I'm living for the next two semesters and has a pretty decent view of the soccer fields and tennis courts, so I'll at least never have a lack of entertainment. So I'm not complaining.