Monday, December 20, 2010

One down, seven to go.

Last Tuesday, I took my last final and finished my first semester of college. Once there was a time when I hated college with all of my being. I swore I was in the wrong place and had to get through school to get started with the rest of my life. 
Things have changed. Quite a lot actually. 

In the past 4 months, I've learned a lot and really stretched myself out of my comfort zone. I've met some amazing people, cried under a tree and never lived it down, lead a project group, become known by all as the girl in the onesie, consumed a lot of caf pizza and waffles, survived living with a diva, found out what I really want to do with my life, got my nose pierced, rode in a taxi for the first time, have been around more needles and ink than ever before in my life, and become all around more confident. It's hard to remember what I did before I met my friends, and the idea of eating and studying alone or even being alone ever is a really foreign concept anymore. Basically, I went from being the girl that no one knew with the horrible roommate and lack of ambition to being the girl who runs around in a glow in the dark onesie and basically lives in the laundry room. 
I'm actually excited about next semester. After a long process of hitting brick walls, I finally got my room swapped and will be moving to the second floor of my building when I go back in January. I got reassigned to a room that is across the hall from one of my friends and I have heard fabulous things about my new roommate. My classes are going to be really interesting and I have a friend in one of them with me, so that is going to be an adventure. I changed my major from Interpreting to English, and I'm really excited about the things ahead of me now that I'm in a major I'm actually passionate about. I've gotten to a point where I really love school in all aspects, even when the work seems overwhelming. Outside of school, Thailand is getting closer and closer, and I really think it finally hit me how real this trip is. In just a few weeks I should be getting assigned to a blog for my team and getting my first glance at who my teammates are, and it's time to really pick it up with fund raising. I'm so excited to see what happens on this trip and see God work through my team as we minister to the people of Thailand and also to each other. 

One semester is down and there are seven more to go.
Let the adventure begin!