Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bangla Road: Video

Over the summer, I spent two months in Phuket, Thailand with a team of 23 other women. During our time there we partnered with a ministry that helps women stuck in the sex trade to get out of the bars and teach them skills to find another job to support themselves and their family. Over the time we were there, we saw incredible events and indescribable works of God's love. We saw women leave the bars and women coming to realize the love Christ has for them as His precious daughters. We saw people be healed and stared demons in the face and declare Christ's power, love, and authority over the darkness.
There is no way to even begin to summarize the miraculous events we saw, but I have put together a short video showing an overview of the ministry we did during this time on Bangla Road.

God is alive and definitely moving, and He is claiming the hearts of every single one of His children.

Bangla Road. from Sarah Arant on Vimeo.

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